Ruva Black Mehendi


Weight: 30 gms

  • Provides Natural Color to the Hair
  • Strengthens the hair & Prevents hair breakage
  • Provides hair growth
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Ruva Black Mehendi

Weight: 30 gms


The Combination of herbs in Ruva Black Mehendi provides hair growth, maintains silky, smooth, and shiny texture along with dense beautiful hair.


Heena leaf powder provides nourishment to hair.

Shikakai powder enhances hair growth & also acts as a hair cleanser.

Jasmine powder strengthens hair & prevents hair breakage.

Awla powder provides natural darkness to Hair.

Camphor reduces dandruff.


Application: Take the required quantity and add water to it to make a smooth paste. Keep it aside for 15 mins. Apply it on hair and keep for 45 mins. Do not let it dry, wash with plain water. Do not apply to oily hair.


Main Ingredients: Heena Powder, Shikakai Powder, Jasmine Powder, Awla Powder, Camphor (kapur), etc.

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